Last Wednesday November 18 and Friday Nov. 20, our Class of 2020 gave a closure to their Language Arts program in TISLS through a meaningful gathering of pilgrims taking their last step of their pilgrimage through their school life.

Our Class of 2020 showed, through their poetic descriptions and poems, how they were able to transform each section of their journey into a warm and familiar atmosphere, full of personal and collective connotations where their individual traits, resilient spirit, physical and spiritual strength and their capacity to learn from mistakes, became evident through their words. In the recited reading and various comments about their classmates’ poetic creations, it was evident that they had come to understand the sense of our walk through life by the side of our fellow men, becoming each day more humane.

The activity was also an opportunity for parents to enjoy their sons’ and daughters’ presentations, which become the evidence of the high proficiency in the English language the Class of 2020 has acquired along their years in TISLS.

Thanks 12th Graders for such a magnificent exposition of deep feelings, thoughtful ideas, and profoundly meaningful language of excellence.

Our best wishes for the New Pilgrimage you are about to begin!

  • Ian Anthony Lambert Murakami
  • Raimundo Arturo González Gamboa

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